Repair of Macular Hole

This video documents the various steps in vitrectomy surgery to repair an “idiopathic” macular hole.

Idiopathic, meaning we do not know the actual cause, macular holes cause decreased vision and distortion. Vision loss is usually moderate, though reading may become very difficult.

Surgery is usually performed as an outpatient takes less than 1 hour. In general, a vitrectomy is performed to allow me to safely operate on the retinal surface.

ICG dye is used to stain a superficial membrane/layer of the retina called the internal limiting membrane (ILM) which is removed. Intraocular gas is then placed in the eye after careful examination of the rest of the eye to look for tears caused by the surgery.

Patients are asked to keep their heads face down for a recommended period of time.

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Nader Moinfar, M.D., M.P.H.
Retina Specialist
Orlando, FL

Jon Doe